Take a journey to the Southern Ocean where you will discover the Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand. They are the jewels of the south and home to some of the most unique and interesting species in the world. Only the bravest explorers attempt the arduous journey to their shores, but many have survived to tell their story.

About the Author:

I’m a nature nerd & crazy bird lady studying at the Centre for Science Communication. This blog was written as a part of my course work in 2012 and I try to update it as much as possible. If you want to write a guest post or have any idea for topics that you want to see covered, feel free to get in contact by emailing me or tweeting me. You’ll find links to my other projects on my website.


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  1. Hello, I, with others, spent a 12 month period on Campbell Island 1970/71.
    I notice that in naming the islands on your site you include a Maori name as alternative. When we were there there was no mention or evidence that Maoris ever travelled so far South. I hope you can clarify this for me.
    Thank you, C Bruce Means.

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