Welcome to my blog. As a part of my Master’s Degree in Science Communication, I am required to write a blog on a scientific subject. I’ve chosen the Sub-Antarctic Islands as my topic, and will attempt to write about relevant and interesting scientific research that is happening in the region.

Stay tuned for my first posts and feel free to follow me on Twitter, or Google Reader.

Southern Royal Albatross pair on Campbell Island. (Photo: Kimberley Collins)


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Great stuff Kimi, the pages look very “clean” and are easy to read and a pleasure to look at. Be sure to add your name (or a fictisious name) – we don’t know who is writing this blog 🙂 Not sure if it is okay to link to the abstracts the way you have, check with your lecturer’s as it might infringe on library subscriptions? Might be better just to give the proper/full references for the articles? I had to go down to the bottom of your blog to find your intro – can you make that static so that it stays at the top? You might want to also add “All photos are copyright of Kimi Collins and cannot be used without permission (or similar). At least put your name and copyright symbol at the bottom of them “protect them”…and while you are at it, why not put a little photo of you in the field???

    All the best, you are off to a fantastic start!

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